Healing Services

Healer, intuitive, channel and guide, Colette Martin, can help you to experience wholeness, wellbeing, and connection to the Truth of who you are.


Healing modalities

While Brennan Healing Science informs the basis of the work, Colette’s healing sessions have evolved over several decades to incorporate an expanded range of healing tools, including, but not limited to, mantra, invocation, breathwork, meditation, sacred oils, nutritional guidance and spiritual direction. 

During the healing session the full spectrum of the client’s situation is revealed, and guidance pertaining to events on the physical plane as they relate to the client’s psycho-spiritual “blueprint” communicated.

Deep and profound healing occurs when we remember that we live in and as a Field of Perfection. When we injured, ill or in emotional pain, we may find ourselves out of resonance and forget this truth. In the healing session, through the principle of resonance, the frequency of your auric field is increased so that physical, emotional and mental blocks begin to shift and transform, facilitating awareness and reconnection with full magnitude of your being.

Clients often report having the experience of viewing their life circumstances from a higher and Divinely informed perspective while on the table and sessions often end with a profound sense of wellbeing and a palpable state of Grace, which penetrates the healing space and beyond. This state can last up to several days. In the days and weeks following, there is an integration period when one begins to realize a new and profoundly gratifying way of being in the world as a vessel of the Divine. When we realize and accept this as our true nature we begin to attune to and transmit higher frequencies that not only transform our personal life circumstances, but through resonance, affect positive change in those around us as well.


Hands–on Healing

Hands-on sessions involve laying-on-of-hands, discourse and almost always a bit of homework. Any number of modalities may be employed:

Energy Healing – A compassionate, non-invasive healing modality which supports physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being by repairing, clearing, balancing, and re-charging the auric field through the laying-on-of-hands.

Chakra Balancing – Promotes the free flow of energy through the energy field and physical body.

Cellular Healing – Deeply healing for individuals experiencing physical illness, especially autoimmune disorders.

Healing Past Trauma – Peace, trust and harmony are restored when those who have experienced deep wounding find forgiveness for themselves and others.

Pre- and Post Surgical Healing – Reduces fear and anxiety before surgical procedures and speeds recovery.

Psychic Surgery – High-level spirit guides, angelic beings and ancestral spirits convene to ‘operate’ on the etheric level of the auric field.

Emotional Healing – Accessing and clearing the root of issues of grief, addiction, anxiety and depression.

Hara Healing - Not to be confused with the therapeutic model of Hara diagnosis utilized by Oriental medical systems, the Haric dimension, as seen by Brennan Healing Science practitioners, exists in a dimension deeper than the aura and corresponds to our soul’s purpose and life task. Hara Healing is especially effective for:

  • gaining clarity and connection with one's purpose in life 

  • increasing focus and intention

  • actualizing goals  

  • aligning with personal standards of integrity

  • restoring strength and rejuvenation

  • correcting skeletal misalignment


Remote Healing

Recent breakthroughs in quantum physics have confirmed what energy healers have always known: We are indeed all one. There is a matrix of energy that connects everyone and everything.  Ours is a holographic universe, with the whole (the Divine) contained in every part (the Self). This non-local, unified field gives and sustains life and contains within it all the information in the history of the entire cosmos.

Physical reality is composed of vibration and frequency. Physicists have demonstrated that a single particle may appear in two places at once and communicate between these two places. As a Brennan Healing Science practitioner, Colette also has this ability. Through harmonic induction, she connects to your body to bring you into the healing space in order to work with you in the same manner as if you were lying on the healing table. Neither space nor time create a barrier to the healing interaction. 

Remote healing sessions involve an initial phone conversation, after which you will be asked to lie, relaxed or asleep, for a period of time while Colette accesses your auric field and, through vibrational resonance, affects the same healing results as if you were present in person (most often with even more clarity and acuity in the absence of the physical body). After the session there is another phone conversation, during which impressions are shared and recommendations offered.