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Energy Healing

Leading energy healer from the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Colette Martin offers hands on and remote healing. Discover energy medicine benefits with Colette.


The Subtle Anatomy

As the aspect of the Universal Energy Field responsible for human individuation, the Human Energy Field naturally inclines toward health and wellbeing. When this energy system is clear, optimally charged and operating without obstruction in symbiosis with the Universal Energy Field, life flows through you naturally. Here, in the clear reality of the present moment, Beauty, Grace and profound meaning are the norm and your body, mind and spirit are supported in health and creativity.

Conversely, when your energy is blocked or imbalanced, your fullness is obscured and you become lost in the projected reality of the samskaric field, believing yourself to be vulnerable to external forces and separate from the Field of Perfection. Yogic philosophy and the science of energy medicine define samskaras as thoughts, emotions, or sensations that arise in our conscious awareness in response to internal or external stimuli, settle deeply into the subconscious mind and form actual neural pathways, which continuously form new connections upon repeated exposure to a given stimuli. Samskaras reflect the experiences that create them and engender emotions we are all familiar with: lack, craving, aversion, delusion and the like. They imprison us in the bonds of karma and eclipse the magnificence of our true self. 

Energy Medicine is the art and science of clearing, charging and balancing the subtle anatomy of the Human Energy Field, effectively rewiring the neural pathways so that both the physical and subtle anatomy are brought into homeostasis.


The Human Energy Field

Our subtle anatomy is composed of many thousands of pathways through which energy, (or prana, in Sanskrit) flows, connecting seven main vortexes of energy (chakras in Sanskrit), which are positioned along a central energy current that runs along the physical spine. 

Each chakra is associated with an endocrine gland. There are also numerous smaller chakras located all over the body in the joints, organs, hands and bottoms of the feet. Chakras act as energy transformers, either stepping up or stepping down energy. They serve to step down energy from the Universal Energy Field into our Human Energy Field and nourish a particular area of the body. Each chakra holds and is activated by a frequency, the highest frequencies in the seventh chakra, and the lowest in the first.


The Core Pathway

It is said that there are 72,000 invisible pathways, called nadis, in Sanskrit, that carry life force throughout our bodies in the same way our veins carry blood. Most relevant to the science of energy medicine is the core pathway, the sushumna nadi, which runs through our spine. On the physical level, the spine houses the central nervous system, which is connected to our brain. On the subtle level, the spine is seen as a multi-layered core housing the sushumna nadi, which itself serves as a conduit to ultimate reality.

The chakras are rooted into this central channel and transmit energy through it. The free flow of energy through the central channel results in vibrant physical health and expansion of consciousness. 


Healing through the Human Energy Field through

Brennan Healing Science

Brennan Healing Science is a gentle yet profound healing system that, while complete in itself, also complements allopathic and alternative medical care and psychotherapy. Highly effective whether administered in the context of hands-on sessions or through remote contact, Brennan Healing Science utilizes the ancient art of laying-on-of-hands to support and stimulate the self-healing processes of the body, mind, and spirit, releasing energetic and cellular memory, eliminating habitual reactions and allowing for the embodiment of the authentic self. 

Developed by Dr. Barbara Brennan, former NASA scientist and founder of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing, the work combines High Sense Perception and hands-on energy healing techniques to facilitate full spectrum healing, reaching into every aspect of life to bring about health and wellbeing in the energetic, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies. 




As a full-spectrum healing modality, energy healing offers one a sublime taste of wellbeing which facilitates a deep longing to remain in a state of balance and openness. This in itself often leads to many positive lifestyle and attitudinal changes. Among the many reported benefits of the work are:

  • Increased sense of trust and well-being
  • Clarity and insight leading to the resolution of long-standing life issues
  • Diminished symptoms and decreased recovery time of acute and chronic illness
  • Reduction in side effects from chemotherapy and radiation
  • Reduction of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Deep relaxation and improved sleep
  • Healing of emotional trauma
  • Increased creativity
  • Connection to one’s inner knowing, especially regarding one’s life purpose
  • Support in life and career transitions
  • Improved relationships
  • Strong spiritual connectedness, leading to peace of mind and heart