Remote Healing

Remote HealingRecent breakthroughs in quantum physics have confirmed what healers have always known: We are indeed all one. There is a matrix of energy that connects everyone and everything.  Ours is a holographic universe, with the whole (the Divine) contained in every part (the Self). This non-local, unified field gives and sustains life and contains within it all the information in the history of the entire cosmos.

My abilities as healer allow me to access this Divine Matrix in such a way that space and time present no barriers to the healing interaction. The energy I transmit does not have to “travel” anywhere to reach my client. By holding a clear intention and focus I am able to transmit and modulate energy frequencies to anyone, anywhere.

In a distance healing session, we will first speak on the phone or through Skype after which you will be asked to lie relaxed or asleep for a period of time while I access your auric field and, through vibrational resonance, affect the same healing results as if you were present in person.