Creating Altars

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The Altar as a Spiritual Practice

Altars serve as conduits between the sacred and the mundane. On one hand, they put forth our desires and intentions as earthbound souls, and on the other, they act as a vessel to bring us into alignment with the influence and power of the unseen world.

Essential to the power of the altar is the inclusion of representations of the four elements that are the building blocks of the physical universe: earth, water, fire, and air. Also related to the cardinal directions and the four aspects of human nature (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual), they act as holograms of the quantum reality of which we are part. The elements are commonly represented with crystals (earth), shells (water), candles (fire) and feathers (air).

Another essential component of the effective altar is the symbolic representation of our gratitude for the many gifts we have received and continue to receive in this Earthwalk. Simple items such as food (particularly sweets) or money may be used to serve this purpose.

Creating an altar in one’s home, or anywhere, for that matter, is a sacred act. The altar must be tended with respect, honor and gratitude. It must be cleaned and cared for and not left unattended for prolonged periods of time. It is to be regarded as a sentient being, one that is responsive to our needs and that has needs of its own. In time, through consecration, altars become potentiated by the powers we invoke into them and not only become part of our lives, but take on a life of their own.

I would be honored to assist you in the creation of your altar, whether it be for your home, or to honor a rite of passage such as a birth, a wedding or to honor someone who has passed. Please contact me through email at to discuss timing and reciprocity.