Healing Services


Services Offered:

  • Hands-on Healing – repairing, clearing, balancing, and re-charging the aura.
  • Chakra Balancing – enhancing energy flow through the energy field and physical body.
  • Cellular Healing – working deeply into the cellular and atomic levels.
  • Nine Rites of the Munay-ki – Transmission and mentorship relating to the integration of the Munay-ki rites as a means of enhancing the luminous energy body.
  • Altars as a Spiritual Practice – Altar design; integration of effective and meaningful daily practices that support one’s individual spiritual path.
  • Trauma Release – getting to forgiveness.
  • Pre- and Post Surgical Healing – Reduces fear and anxiety before surgical procedures and speeds recovery.
  • Psychic Surgery – with the aid of a host of high-level Beings.
  • Emotional Healing – Healing grief, addiction, anxiety and depression.
  • Remote Healing – all services offered remotely worldwide through Skype.


Benefits of Energy Work:

Physical Level

  • Promotes deep relaxation
  • Releases stress and tension
  • Accelerates the body’s self-healing abilities
  • Adjusts the energy flow of the endocrine system
  • Reduces inflammation due to acute trauma and/or surgery
  • Provides relief from pain
  • Releases toxins of all kinds (drug residue, chemical exposure, etc)
  • Provides much support to the immune system
  • Provides compassionate end-of-life comfort


Mental and Emotional Levels

  • Brings insight and acceptance through times of crisis and transition
  • Uncovers the deeper meaning of illness
  • Deepens one’s relationship with self and others by providing insight and healing to relationship patterns
  • Brings a sense of focus, motivation and life purpose
  • Enhances self-empowerment
  • Releases self-limiting patterns and addictions
  • Enhances self-nurturance and self-awareness


Spiritual and Energetic Levels

  • Releases energy blockages in the chakras thus healing their associated psycho-spiritual functions
  • Raises the vibrational frequency of the body in order to ride the tidal wave of human evolution taking place at this time in history.
  • Aligns the personal will with Divine Will
  • Awakens spiritual longing and creativity
  • Deepens our capacity to forgive ourselves and others
  • Deepens connection with one’s spiritual guides and inner knowing
  • Brings a sense of trust in the Mystery