Hands On Healing

Hands on HealingHands-on sessions involve both laying-on-of-hands and channeled guidance. During the healing session, I enter into a trance-like state of connectedness with the Presence from which we are all created and as which we are all One. In this state, the full spectrum of the client’s situation is revealed, and guidance pertaining to events on the physical plane as they relate to the client’s spiritual “blueprint” communicated.

treatment-roomsDeep and profound healing occurs when we remember and claim ourselves to be a manifestation of this Presence. When we are ill or in emotional pain, we may find ourselves out of resonance and forget this truth. In session, as I raise my vibrational frequency to align with the Presence, I am able, through the principle of resonance, to increase the frequency of the client’s auric field so that physical, emotional and mental blocks begin to shift and transform, facilitating awareness and reconnection with the magnificent totality of their being.

Most often the session ends with a profound sense of well-being experienced by everyone present and a palpable state of Grace penetrates the healing space and beyond. This state can last up to several days after a session. In the days and weeks following there is an integration period during which one begins to realize a new and profoundly gratifying way of being in the world as a vessel of the Divine. When we realize and accept this as our true nature we begin to attune to and transmit higher frequencies that not only transform our personal life circumstances, but through resonance, affect positive change in those around us as well.

Over the years I have been aware of a number of different trends in the type of guidance that comes through. Of late, there is a definite call to action: to commit ourselves to the inner work we know we must do in order to deepen our authenticity, establish our sovereignty and take up our rightful place as agents of change in the current evolutionary shift.

This is the work. This is why we came.